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Ninteen-year old Shaun Clancy is the new member of teen-bandEye of Dolls.
The band needed a new singer, so they decided to have a competition. Last night the ten finalists sang and danced on TV, and viewers phoned the TV station with their votes.
Shaun was born in Belfast, and moved to Manchester when he was ten years old. He left school at sixteen, and worked in a supermarket. Shaun wanted to be an actor, and studied acting in his free time. he saw the advert for Eye Dolls and travelled to London for the competition. The band listened to 1500 young singers, and selected ten for TV programme. Shaun came first with over 400,000 votes. 'This is the dream of a lifetime.', said Shaun. The band is recording a new album with Shaun nex week, then they are going on tour.

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