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MET: Jason Dean plays for Newton United. It's just after game on Saturday. The final score was Belcaster Rovers 6 Newtown United 0.
Manager: Ah, Jason! It wasn't a very good game, eh?
Jason: No, boss. We were a bit unlucky.
Manager: Unlucky! Six times?
Jason: Yeah, well. Very unlucky.
Manager: You were terrible, Jason. Were you tired?
Jason: Tired? No way, boss. I was fine.
Manager: Where were you last night, Jason?
Jason: Me? I was at home.
Manager: Were you alone?
Jason: Alone?
Manager: Who was with you?
Jason: My mum and dad. I was with my parents.
Manager: So you weren't out?
Jason: The night before a game? Oh, no, boss. I was asleep a ten o'clock.
Manager: You aren't telling me the truth, Jason.
Jason: I am, boss.
Manager: OK, Jason. Look at today's newspaper...

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