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Harry and Stanley are taking their breakfast. An Englishman usually begins with fruit. Than he has porridge with milk and sugar. He likes bacon very much and so, after porridge, he often takes bacon and eggs. He does not eat much bread but many warm brown toasts with butter and orange marmalade. You may have no bacon, no porridge, but when there is no marmalade it is not a good English breakfast! Some English people drink coffee, some tea. In Poland we don't like porridge. We usually take bread, white or brown, or rolls with butter. Some people like cheese or boiled eggs, soft and hard. We usually drink coffee. I drink mine with milk. English people drink tea and coffee from cups; in Poland many people drink tea from glasses. Their tea is very strong and dark brown when it is Indian, or light green when it is China; ours is light brown. They drink it with plenty of milk and sugar.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away,
an onion a day keeps everybody away.

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