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I like all kinds of sport, but tennis is the sport that I like best. I'm a member of a club which is very close to my flat, so I play several times a week. In this picture I'm holding cup which I won two years ago. I was pleased to win it, because player who I beat in the final was very good. One sport which I can't do at all is ice skating, but I like to watch in on TV. It isn't a big sport here in Spain. It's most popular in countries which have very cold winters.
I like to watch football, too. My husband works for a company which makes sports eguipment, so he often gets a tickets to matches which we want to see.

J. Maarten Troost "Życie seksualne kanibali. Dwa lata na Pacyfiku"
Wydawca: Biblioteka Akustyczna
Format: MP3
Czas trwania: 10 godzin i 5 minut
Czyta: Tomasz Sobczak
J. Maarten Troost (1968)- urodzony w Holandii podróżnik bestselerów. Mieszkał i pracował w Kanadzie, Czechach, Kiribati, Vanuatu, na Fidżi i stanie Kalifornia. Obecnie wraz z żoną i dwójką dzieci zadomowił się w stanie Waszyngton.
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Literatura podróżnicza; USA; Czechy; Lekki stosunek do życia; Lekki stosunek do pracy; 2 letni pobyt na atolu Tarawa; Kiribati-kraj wyspiarski; J. Maarten Troost i jego dziewczyna Sylwia to główni bohaterowie; Kate; Opis kraju Kiribati i Tarawy; Garść informacji- podróżniczo-etnologicznych; Opis codziennego dnia mieszkańców i głównych bohaterów; Opis Tarawy.

dave Eggers "Hologram dla króla"
Wydawca: Sonia Draga Sp.. z .o.o
Format: CD MP3
Czas trwania: 9 godzin i 30 minut
Czyta: Krzysztof Plewako-Szczerbiński
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Arabia Saudyjska; król Abdullah; dziwna książka (treść); Alan Clay; Życie; Złudzenia; Obyczaje; Interesy; Ludzkie sprawy; Mieszkańcy; Powieść; Chińczycy;Brak.

Jak przyjemnie spacerować,
Iść przed siebie w piękną dal.
Lekkim krokiem i z uśmiechem,
mijać piękny świat.
Jak przyjemnie, jak przyjemnie...

Jak przyjemnie,
Jak radośnie
spacerować sobie w dal.
Lekkim krokiem i z uśmiechem
witać nowy dzień.

Postał, popatrzył, uśmiechnął się.
Minęła chwilka ledwie,
może jedno popołudnie?
Sama nie wiem co to było?
Czyżby to mi się przyśniło, przywidziało,
Pytam, pytam i wciąż nie wiem.
I pozostał błogi spokój, uśmiech, lekkość w duszy,
Jak po odwiedzinach dawno nie widzianego znajomego.

British supermarkets sell food from all over the world. butter comes from New Zeland, and apples com from Australia. Beef comes from Argentina, and mangoes come from Brazil. They all come by sea. In Britain local asparagus is in the shops in May and June, but nowadays people want fresh asparagus all through the year. So Britain imports asparagus by air from Peru, Mexico, and Thailand. Fresh fish comes to Britain from Sri Lanka, Alaska, and Ecuador. vegetables come from Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Kenya in East Africa. Grapes come from South Africa. Ecologists measure 'air miles': the distance food travels by air from the producer to the shop. Because transport by air uses fuel, they say that 'air miles' food is bad for the enviroment.

Corfe Castle is a small village in the country. The populastion is about 1,500. It's very old. It's a tourist attraction, and it's busy. There's nowhere to park in the tourist season. There are several pubs and some tea shops. There's a small museum. there aren't many shops. There isn't a supermarket or a cinema. There's nothing to do in the evenings. It's a beautiful place, but it's boring for young people.

Southampton is a port. The ships the 'Mayflower' (1620) and the 'Titanic' (19120) sailed from Southampton docks. the'Mayflower' took the first English emigrants to North America. There's a 'Mayflower' memorial, and thereare two 'Ttitanic' memorials in the city. Southampton still has some city walls, and the old city gate (Bargate), but it's also modern city. There are two universities, three shopping malls, two multiplex cinemas, two theatres, several international hotels, a marina, and an international airport. West Quay Shopping Centre is the largest city-centre mall in the south of England. There's an art gallery , and there are several museums. Southampton FC is the local football club, and it has a modern stadium. Cruise ships depart from the docks. Southampton hasn't got a cathedral and it hasn't got a major concert hall. There aren't any beaches in Southampton.

John Hardy is a sales representative. he works for Vantax, a computer software company. The company makes computer games. John sells the games to shops. He doesn't work in an office, and he doesn't work regular hours. John travels about one thousand miles a week.

EXAMPLE - Something that is very much like all other things of its kind.
ANCIENT - Very,very old.
ARCHAEOLOGICAL - About the study of human history and prehistory through digging old sites and looking at the old things people find.
SURVIVED - Continued to live or exist, even after danger or hard times.
ROUGHLY - About; approximately.
HUNTER-GATHERERS - People who belonged to a group moved around a lot and got food by fishing, killing animals and eating wild vegetables and fruit.
SETTLED DOWN - Started to live permanently somewhere.
ANALYZED - Looked at something carefully to find out new things about it.
CEREAL - A grain used for food, such as wheat, oats, or corn.
FLOUR - A powder obtained by grinding wheat, and used to make bread, cakes, and pastry.
DOUGH - A thick, soft mixture of flour and liguid, used for baking into bread or pastry.
ASHES - The powdery stuff left after the burning of something.
REVOLUTION - A very great and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized.
CONVENIENT - Involvinglittle trouble or effort.