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1956 ! was eight years old. I was at school in Bristol in England. There were thirty children in my class. My teacher's name was Miss Dodds. She was very nice. My best fiend was Janet Roberts. We were friends for two or three years.

How many cloks have you got?And how many do you need? There are four cloks in my kitchen. Ther's one on the wall, another on the cooker, and a third on the microwave. I've got a small radio in the kitchen, and there's a clock on that too. I wear a watch, and my husband and both my children wear watches. So when we're all in the kitchen, there are eight cloks in one room. And then tere's the living room. We've got a clock on the wall, and there's a clock on the video recorder. The thelephon's got a clock, the computer's got a clock and the radio's got a clock too. We've all got alarm clocks in our bedrooms. There's only one problem. They all show different times!

1. the flight attendants - to board
2. to get on the plane - the departure gate
3. you put your hand luggage here - in overhead locker
4. this person flies the plane - the pilot
5. the plane leaves the airport- the plane takes off
6. they check your passporthere - passport control
7. the place where you wait before flying - the departure lounge
8.the people travelling on the plane - the passengers
9. the plane arrives - the plane lands
10. you this take off and landing - fast your seatbelts

Alessandro Baricco " Mr Gwyn"
Wydawca: Wydawnictwo Sonia Draga Sp.z. o.o.
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Mr Gwyn; Pracownia; Rebecca; Tom; Londyn; Pisarz; Pisanie Portretów; Kryzys Pisarski.

Ninteen-year old Shaun Clancy is the new member of teen-bandEye of Dolls.
The band needed a new singer, so they decided to have a competition. Last night the ten finalists sang and danced on TV, and viewers phoned the TV station with their votes.
Shaun was born in Belfast, and moved to Manchester when he was ten years old. He left school at sixteen, and worked in a supermarket. Shaun wanted to be an actor, and studied acting in his free time. he saw the advert for Eye Dolls and travelled to London for the competition. The band listened to 1500 young singers, and selected ten for TV programme. Shaun came first with over 400,000 votes. 'This is the dream of a lifetime.', said Shaun. The band is recording a new album with Shaun nex week, then they are going on tour.

Przyszedł pająk do piernika,
Przyszła Kaczka do Indyka,
Przyszedł Zając do Królika,
Przyszła panna do...
Dopowiedzcie sobie sami,
Co się działo między nami?


Moja dusza jest jak ocean!
Moja dusz jest jak ogień!
Kiedy zapanuje w niej cisza, spokój i łagodność?
Tego oczy moje nie przenikną,
Tego pojąć sama nie zdołam.
O Boże! Dopomóż by cisza, spokój i łagodność zagościły już w mej duszy.
Tam pozostały!


Nutritionists say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but most people don't have a good breakfast. A martket researcher is asking people about their breakfasts.
researcher: What do you usually have for breakfast?
Sonja: Oh, I have a boiled egg and some toast.
Researcher: What about this morning? What did you have?
Sonja: I didn't have breakfast this morning.
Researcher: Why not?
Sonja: I didn't have time. I was late for work.
Researcher: Didn't you have anything to drink?
Sonja: Yes, Ihad a cup of coffee. But that was all.

Jason Dean plays for Newton United. It's just after game on Saturday. The final score was Belcaster Rovers 6 Newtown United 0.
Manager: Ah, Jason! It wasn't a very good game, eh?
Jason: No, boss. We were a bit unlucky.
Manager: Unlucky! Six times?
Jason: Yeah, well. Very unlucky.
Manager: You were terrible, Jason. Were you tired?
Jason: Tired? No way, boss. I was fine.
Manager: Where were you last night, Jason?
Jason: Me? I was at home.
Manager: Were you alone?
Jason: Alone?
Manager: Who was with you?
Jason: My mum and dad. I was with my parents.
Manager: So you weren't out?
Jason: The night before a game? Oh, no, boss. I was asleep a ten o'clock.
Manager: You aren't telling me the truth, Jason.
Jason: I am, boss.
Manager: OK, Jason. Look at today's newspaper...

Nicola: I love your new hairstyle! It really suits you.
Tasha: Do you think so?
Nicola: Yes, it's great.
Tasha: Thank you.

Thanksgiving dinner is the fourth Thursday in November in the USA. It's Thanksgiving Day at the Fletcher family home in Ohio. The family is home for the holidays, and they're having Thanksgiving dinner.

Assistant: Are you finding everything OK?
Man: I'm looking for the rock section.
Assistant: It's upstairs on the first floor.
man: Thanks.

Oxford Street is the main shopping street in London's West End. It runs from Marble Arch in the west to Tottenham Court Road in the east. The Central Line of the London undeground ( 'the tube' ) has four stations along Oxford Street. There are several large department stores, including Selfridges, which iss the biggest store in Britain. You can find many international shops in Oxford Street, like HMV, Borders bookshop, Virgin Megastore, and Topshop, Regent Street and New Bond Street are also worth a visit. The famous Liberty store is in Regent Street. If you're looking for designer clothes, Bond Street is the place for you.

John Hardy is a sales representative. He works for Vantax, a computer software company. The company makes computers games. John sells the games to shops. He doesn't work in an office, and he doesn't work regular hours. john travels about one thousand miles a week.

At six in the morning MR. Brown is lying in his bed, he is sleeping. Ten past seven he gets up. A Quarter past seven he washes. At half ppast seven he dresses. Five to eight he takes his breakfast. Twenty past eight he is ready to go to his office. He works at the office from nine a.m. to five p.m. He goes home at ten past five in the afternoon. A guarter to seven he sits at table and begins his dinner. Twenty-five past eight he is sitting in a comfortable armchair and reading and smoking. At ten p.m. he is agin in bed.

Harry and Stanley are taking their breakfast. An Englishman usually begins with fruit. Than he has porridge with milk and sugar. He likes bacon very much and so, after porridge, he often takes bacon and eggs. He does not eat much bread but many warm brown toasts with butter and orange marmalade. You may have no bacon, no porridge, but when there is no marmalade it is not a good English breakfast! Some English people drink coffee, some tea. In Poland we don't like porridge. We usually take bread, white or brown, or rolls with butter. Some people like cheese or boiled eggs, soft and hard. We usually drink coffee. I drink mine with milk. English people drink tea and coffee from cups; in Poland many people drink tea from glasses. Their tea is very strong and dark brown when it is Indian, or light green when it is China; ours is light brown. They drink it with plenty of milk and sugar.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away,
an onion a day keeps everybody away.